Corporate Social Responsibility

For GME, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is part of its DNA. For this reason, GME seeks to promote sustainable development in its three dimensions—economic, environmental and social—with the firm belief that social responsibility goes beyond philanthropic or charitable actions, and is therefore committed to establishing internal practices and policies geared towards human development.

The governance of the company is steered by the highest ethical standards and policies that guide its work; the company treats all employees equitably and its employees experience wage competitiveness and other benefits that improve their and their families' quality of life. Also, GME seeks at all times to create positive value chains with suppliers. Commitment to an appropriate environmental management is also a priority for GME (see environmental section), and the company follows international environmental standards.

In order to promote human development in its operations, GME implements Social Investment programs, volunteer activities and donations to respond to the local communities' critical needs. The company also mitigates negative impacts that may occur as a result of construction and operation activities.  The GME team works closely with the local communities to plan, implement, monitor and assess the needs of the local areas, developing human capital by employment, training and promoting productive activities. In the context of social management, ongoing community liaisons are essential to successfully manage and meet the needs of the community.

We are proud to share our 2015 report on GME's Corporate Social Responsibility. To download a copy (in Spanish), please click here.